The Most Important SEO Trends For 2021

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The year 2020 really has been a rollercoaster year for everyone, but are you now ready for a big comeback year in 2021?

One thing 2020 did teach us was how important your online presence is, especially in a world of COVID-19 and an ever-changing push towards online business models and remote work. COVID-19 certainly did force change on how businesses operate almost overnight, with the big winners this year being the businesses with an effective online presence and SEO strategy!

For many businesses, they didn’t have the effective online infrastructures in place to succeed with the pressures this year applied on business operations. Businesses have been forced to close with many others struggling to get by with so much uncertainty around. Now more than ever it is time to embrace this change, take stock, and focus on building your online presence with some effective SEO trends. 

Let’s get prepared for the new year and the online business world the right way with The Most Important SEO Trends for 2021. 

#1 Mobile Optimization

People now more than ever are increasingly using their mobile devices to browse online content, music, and online shopping. Mobile optimization is a key SEO trend for 2021, and for many businesses they need to ensure their website is mobile-friendly, so they are not left behind with technological further advancements. 

Mobile optimization is vitally important as people trend toward browsing online via their mobile devices instead of their desktop device. Before building any website for your business, make sure your website will be mobile-friendly in design before even looking into the desktop-friendly layout. If you already have a live website, be sure to check the mobile design to ensure it’s mobile-friendly and optimized for mobile devices.

#2 High-Quality Content

As the saying goes, content is king! so a big SEO trend for 2021 is high-quality content for your website.

The quality of the content on your website needs to be worthy, which means it needs to be informative, compelling, relevant, and well-written. This goes for your blog posts and other web pages such as your Home page, Services page, and About Us page. Having high-quality well-written content will increase your website’s overall SEO ranking and online presence.

Content in the longer form that offers knowledge and advice to readers is excellent for SEO results too, and generally ranks higher in Google searches than short-form content.

#3 Website Speed & Hosting Quality

The loading speed of your website really matters as your website speed directly affects your SEO ranking. Potential customers browsing your website can be put off by slow loading times meaning they lose patience and leave your website. This can result in the loss of potential customers with them less likely to return.

Website speed plays a huge part in how successful your business operations are online. It is important to choose a well-respected host that can make a difference with Website Speed, Hosting Optimization, and Content Management.

#4 Local SEO

Local SEO is sure to be extremely valuable in 2021 for small and local businesses. Local businesses are still struggling due to lockdown and other restrictions, their local community support has never been more critical.

A big SEO trend for 2021 is for these businesses to gain local support through Local SEO. To gain this support, businesses need to optimize their Google My Business account to service their local area. A fully optimized Google My Business account increases visibility, drives online traffic to your website, and increases your reach in the local area.

For more information on how to set up a Google My Business account, you can follow our blog post here

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