Has Your Website Been Hacked?

Has your WordPress website been hacked, compromised or become a spam farm? We offer a deep cleaning service to remove access, remove spam and get your website healthy.


We offer multiple options to get you
back up and running.

If you have a hacked website or suspect your website may have been compromised, we are the company to help you! 

We take a multi-stage approach to fixing your website:

  • Performing a deep scan and audit of your WordPress install and website hosting platform.
  • Create a temporary secondary offline website to review, repair and test a deep clean and removal of infected files.
  • Complete a deep scrub and cleaning of website and database until your website is no longer infected. 
  • Reset all admin passwords, database connections and hosting passwords.
  • Harden your website and hosting infrastructure to prevent future issues.
  • Setup Cloudflare to migrate future attacks and bad bots
  • In the event of spam attacks, we all instruct Google to remove and ignore spam links to maintain or repair your SEO.

In extreme cases, we may recommend moving hosts to a clean slate and additional steps as needed.