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About Your Website

Is your website?

  • Not bringing new leads or sales?
  • Have a high bounce rate?
  • Slow loading?
  • Looking outdated?
  • Clunky or not working?

Your website
should work for you.

We see it all the time. You have a website that was created years ago and it “works”.. but is it working well enough? 

A few years can be decades in the digital world and your website is likely underperforming in speeds, conversions and sales. 

what we do

Who is 368 Durham?

We are the digital agency in Oshawa. Our experts have years of experience in Website DesignSocial Media Management and Search Engine Optimization.

We craft digital websites that excite, inspire and build your brand.

368 Durham creates websites that are visually engaging to your users, and simple to navigate. This makes it easy for your customer to find exactly what they need – fast.

Our approach ensures your website appears at the top of Google searches, and achieves it’s purpose of converting visitors into sales, and leads.

our goals

We exist to connect customers to your business

From simple sales to complex systems, we are the leading company in Durham Region for online stores. Let us figure out the logistics and market to your customers!

Our focus from the very start is to create something unique that captures the strength of your business while effectively giving you the tools and resources to grow in your community.

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