How to Prevent Mass Marketing Emails Ending Up as Spam

There is nothing worse than spending time and effort on a mass email marketing campaign only to find that the messages go straight to spam folders. Maybe the spam filters don’t like the look of what you created. Maybe the recipient didn’t trust the message and sent it straight there themselves. Thankfully, there are some simple measures you can take to ensure that not only do your messages go to the right place but also convert readers into buyers.


1) Make sure that everyone fully consents to receiving your emails.

This should be a given if you have a strong mailing list in place. It is far better to have a cultivated group of recipients with whom you have strong relationships than a list of random people that is three times as long. Start by getting them to sign up with pop-ups on your website or through other marketing tools. Then, you can use the double opt-in approach, where you ask for authorization via email. It also helps to have an unsubscribe link in future emails to keep customers in control.


2) Make sure recipients know it’s from you.

Again, this should go without saying if you want to build trust with your mailing list. However, ambiguous subject lines are actually a big problem in mailing list campaigns. You need to be clear about what the promotion is all about and add a little personalization to feel more friendly. It is also important to add a clear sender address that reflects the company. Spam companies can easily create phony versions of addresses to trick people, so recipients will have their guard up if something looks wrong.


3) Make sure the content looks professional.

High-quality content is essential, with a strong ratio between informative text and images. A picture paints 1,000 words, but you can’t rely on spamming people with product images and expect them to click through. Explain the promotion, get people engaged, and use high-quality photos sparingly. On top of that, you also need to be careful with the consistency of your fonts and colors. Maintain a standard that reflects the brand.


4) Take care with your language.

We’re not just talking about bad language and questionable vocabulary here. A big red flag for spam filters is any message that seems to contain a lot of salesy language, aggressive CTAs, and dollar signs. It’s cheap and not worth it. You must also run your written content through a tool like Grammarly to catch basic errors. The worst spam emails always sound like aliens wrote them.


5) Be careful with links and attachments.

The general rule here is to avoid attachments at all costs. They always sound alarm bells for recipients fearful of getting viruses by downloading a bad file. Not only will they ignore the attachment, but they will send the message to spam and avoid future correspondence. It is better to use links to product and service pages for easy access and conversions. Still, you need to ensure the links work and are relevant to the email.


Test Out Mass Marketing Emails To Avoid Spam Filters

By following these rules step by step, you should find that your emails reach their intended audience much more easily. You may even find that your metrics improve on clicks and conversions. The final thing to remember is to test the email before sending it to everyone. Run it through a dedicated spam recognition tool and only green-light the email if it passes with ease. It all means extra work for your team, but it’s worth it.

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