How to link WooCommerce sites to sell on Amazon

WooCommerce sellers can take their eCommerce businesses to the next level by linking to Amazon – the web’s largest marketplace with nearly 2 million active sellers around the globe. 

Linking to larger marketplaces like Amazon allows a business to expand its customer base and sales potential.  

Luckily, WooCommerce makes it remarkably easy to integrate with Amazon and access a wider audience. 


Here’s How to Link Your WooCommerce Site to Amazon


#1 Install the WooCommerce Multichannel Browser Extension

The Multichannel browser extension from WooCommerce allows you to link your WooCommerce store to major online marketplaces including Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Google. 

Install the extension from WooCommerce here.

Note that the browser extension is free to download, but it does require a subscription fee after a 14-day free trial starting at $29 per month. 

The extension is helpful because it automatically updates your inventory and pricing between all marketplaces rather than requiring you to export and migrate your product catalog manually. 


#2 Complete the Browser Extension Setup Process

Once the browser extension is installed, the setup wizard will guide you through a few steps to get your Amazon-linked account up and running. 

You can contact your personal account manager at WooCommerce if you have technical trouble during setup. 


#3 List Your Products on Amazon 

After the WooCommerce Multichannel browser extension is set up, you can begin uploading your products to Amazon either individually or in bulk. 

This is also a good time to SEO-optimize your product titles and descriptions to include popular search terms. You can even use different titles and product descriptions across your sales channels. 

You also have the freedom to write new product descriptions that introduce your brand to a much wider audience.  


#4 Track and Manage Amazon Orders from WooCommerce

Track and manage all orders right from your WooCommerce dashboard. You can accept orders, track shipments, and manage refunds all in one place. 

The extension will automatically sync your inventory across your sales channels as you sell and restock products, so you don’t have to worry about overselling or updating multiple platforms. 


Other Benefits of Linking your WooCommerce Store to Amazon

Amazon is an incredibly popular marketplace that most online shoppers already know and trust, which is valuable for growing businesses that are still building their reputations. 

Amazon also offers a few key features that help sellers manage their growing eCommerce businesses, including: 

Shipping Cost Calculator: If you’re not sure about shipping costs, use Amazon’s shipping calculator to find the best rate. 

Order fulfillment: You can choose to use Amazon to fulfill your orders rather than handling shipments yourself. That means your products will be stored in Amazon fulfillment centers where Amazon employees will pack and ship your products to customers. 

Promoted listings: Boost where your product listings appear in search results with promoted listings. Promoted products appear higher in search results, and you pay a small amount every time a customer clicks on the listing. 

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