Why Hiring A Web Design Company Is Better Than Doing It Yourself

The world today has gone digital, leaving businesses needing websites in order to find success for their business. Even startups know the importance of having a company website. There are two options available to you, when it comes to building a website. You can choose to do it yourself, or you could hire a web design company.

But should you do it yourself? You could be wondering how much getting your website done professionally would cost, and whether you should choose to do it yourself to save costs.

The Problem With Doing It Yourself

DIY websites are usually built using site building tools that are free. Professional developers are not involved. When you opt for a free builder, you’ll be presented with predefined templates that you can then choose to customize.

You could also want to make use of WordPress or Drupal, which offer more functionalities. However, to fully make use of those functionalities you would need to hire a professional developer. This is as if you want to utilize their capabilities better, then you’ll need to have knowledge regarding website development.

Consider what happens if you choose to hire a professional web design company. You’ll be able to ensure that your website performs well and looks professional. As a result, your potential for securing profits through your website increases as well. This is as professional websites are good at securing conversions. They can also increase brand visibility as well.

Customer Experiences Regarding DIY Websites

Knowing what people who use DIY websites usually experience can better help you decide whether you should follow this route or not.

  • The website will look very similar to many others already on the web.
  • Lack of new features as well as extensibility.
  • Free versions often come with a lot of ads.
  • Not being able to find a template that fits the needs of their business.
  • There may not be many variations for a single template.
  • SEO issues.
  • Customization options will be limited.
  • Issues with moving to a separate platform later on.
  • Free plans often have restrictions.

How A Web Developer Can Help

Most business owners want to build businesses that endure. They have plans for their business’ future, and want to do better than the competition. If you want to build a successful business, then having a professional website is crucial. And this is where a web developer will be able to help you.

It’s also not as costly to hire a professional web design company, as you might think. This is as most professionals today don’t actually build their websites from scratch. There are teams that work with WordPress and even Drupal. These are CMSs that have the ability to create complex enterprise solutions. Professional web design companies are more likely to use a CMS as the base for the website they will build. Then, they customize that using professional code. This makes their services for affordable, and ensures speedy results as well.

Seven Reasons Why You Should Hire A Web Design Company

If you’re still wondering whether you should hire a web design company or not, then here are seven reasons why you should:

1. Website Design Will Be Unique

A web design company will be able to create a unique look for your website. This will enable you to stand out from the competition. With a professional team, your brand identity can be integrated into your website design. With a professional website, you can let your customers know that you are serious about your business.

2. Enhanced User Experience

A professional web design company will be able to integrate UX that is tailored to the customer’s journey. This means that user goals are reached in a smooth manner, seamlessly across different devices. From buttons to the layout block, the customer will be led towards conversions. Professionals have experience and also integrate usability testing. This can also help raise customer satisfaction.

3. Features

With DIY websites, you’re limited to the free capabilities provided to you. With a professional web design company, you can get any design you want. You’ll be able to integrate the CRM you want to, share data with mobile apps, create editorial workshops, add chatbots, and more.

4. Growth Is Unlimited

If you’re interested in growth, then you may feel limited with free websites. It has limited capabilities and you won’t be able to migrate your website either. This is why you should choose a solution that is scalable to begin with. A professionally built website will be able to grow alongside your business.

5. Get Only The Functionality You Need

With free websites, you’ll get features that are predefined. These could be features you may or may not want. When you work with the professionals on the other hand, you’ll get all the functionalities that you want. Often, just one plug in that is custom-built can end up replacing many others. When you remove everything that is extra from your website, you improve the speed that it has.

6. Mobile Friendly

Professional web companies take into consideration how your website performs across various devices, including cell phones. This means that irrespective of the device the customer chooses to view your website through, they’ll end up having the best viewing experience.

7. SEO Integration

Professionals are aware of what the best SEO practices are. This helps improve the visibility that your website has, and helps it reach more customers. Web design companies usually have SEO experts on their teams, who work together with the developers. SEO experts are consulted regarding the structures of URLs, the creation of meta tags, and more.


Hiring a professional web design company is a better idea than trying to build your website yourself. Hiring a web design company isn’t always expensive, and they may have budget-friendly packages they could guide you towards. A professional web design company has all the know-how and talent you need to develop a great website for your business that generates traffic and converts leads.

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