What Are Cart Abandonment Emails?

How Effective are Cart Abandonment Emails

Cart abandonment emails are sent to customers who have previously added products to their cart but then failed to follow through to check out and payment.

These emails are extremely effective as a sale recovery tactic, and over a third of clicks from these emails lead to purchases back on the website. Many potential customers abandon their shopping carts for a wide range of reasons, from a website crash to session timeout. Cart abandonment emails allow online e-commerce stores to remind and place these products back in the customers’ attention whilst offering a higher rate of purchase.

It is believed that 70% of customers abandon their online shopping cart, which when added up accounts for the loss of lots of potential revenue. Globally, it is estimated that over 1 trillion dollars in revenue is lost to cart abandonment in online shopping carts.

If your online store isn’t utilizing cart abandonment emails, you are simply leaving money on the table for a process that is so simple to set up.

What Exactly are Cart Abandonment Emails?

A cart abandonment email is a follow-up email that is sent by the e-commerce store to someone who has added items to their cart without final purchase.

An abandoned cart email is meant for shoppers who leave a website without finishing the checkout process. The huge benefit of abandoned cart emails is they’re automated. You can set up a series that goes out all on its own whilst winning back revenue that would otherwise be lost.

If online stores are not set up in a way for easy purchase then there is going to be a higher percentage of cart abandonments. As more people look to shop from their mobile devices, if the website design makes purchasing complex or website speed is slow then people will abandon right away. 

Even if a website has the perfect smooth set up for online purchasing there will still be a loss of potential customers and so this is why cart abandonment emails are so important.

Cart Abandonment Email Strategies

There are some great cart abandonment email strategies you can use to improve the recovery rate for these lost items. 

Let’s have a look at a few effective strategies here: 

#1 Reminder of Highly Rated Products

This approach involves selecting the highest rated product in the abandoned cart in the email subject line. Often this is used with the title “You have a 5 Star products Waiting” then a display of the top-ranked item in the email to entice the customer back for purchase.

#2 Reasons to Buy

This email approach uses engaging copywriting to entice customers to complete their purchase. The cart abandonment email provides a list of reasons to purchase the items abandoned, with clear answers to any FAQ’s the customer might have. The email will use a clean design with an eye-catching CTA.  

#3 Free Shipping

Another effective cart abandonment email is to email the customer with an offer of free shipment on the items abandoned. This may have been the original reason the customers abandoned but they now have an offer they can’t refuse. The option to add more items to the cart to benefit from the free shipment can be a great upsell too.

#4 Product Discount

Offering product discounts on items abandoned is another great way to entice the customers to purchase. With clever taglines such as “New Price Alert” or “Grab Your 10% Discount Now,” it encourages customers to make the purchase right away at a reduced price. 

For more information on Cart Abandonment Emails and how they can help improve your online store, you can find more information on our website here.

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