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Transferring products from OsCommerce to Woocommerce

Occasionally we come across clients who are using an outdated e-commerce system and are looking for a fresh, modern change. For this client we are switching them from OsCommerce to Woocommerce.
This client has approx. 300 products, 50 categories, and hundreds of orders. How can we transfer all this information and if possible, do it for free?

Here is our solution:

  • Download The plugin is slightly out of date but as of today, the transfer will fully complete.
  • Rather than inputting the OsCommerce store URL, download the SQL file from OsCommerce and upload it to a MySQL database (not your WordPress one!)
  • Upload IMG folder (from OsCommerce) to your public_html folder (that your WordPress core files are in)
  • Connect using localhost as store URL and the OsCommerce database details that you just created.
  • Start Transfer
  • And Don’t forgot to Rebuild thumbnails after transfer!

I transferred all my products, but none of the images transferred?

We ran into this issue as well and thankfully we have a solution. The problem occurs when the image folder is called Images rather than IMG. Using this thread ( as reference, we used the modified plugin.
The plugin change looks for a different folder for the images rather than the default. Modifying woocommerce-osc-import.php will allow you to specify the folder name (or hardcode a URL if you really want).
Best of luck!

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