Moving your domains & email away from

Recently, we helped a client move away from This client had built a website on the service but was looking for a unique design and add some additional features that Wix could not provide. They had 2 domains, a website and 11 mailboxes (hosted with Google Apps) with Wix.

Our goal was transfer the domains, and the mailboxes to a new private hosting service and keep the email flowing.


  1. We created a new hosting account before transferring the domain over.
  2. We setup the MX records to continue pointing mail over to Google (using the provided records: (
  3. The domain transfer is as per usual but we held off on inputting the transfer code until we were completed with the email accounts.


Since the email accounts are hosted by Google Apps but billed by Wix we had to take a few additional steps. You must complete these steps in order.

  1. We contact Google Apps support to ensure that the account is setup and ready for this. They confirmed the billing price and that the account is in good standing.
  2. You need to contact Wix and ask for the billing to be switched over to Google.
  3. They will advise you that you need to cancel your mailbox subscriptions with Wix under billing and subscriptions.
  4. Once completed, follow up with support and they will transfer over the account to Google.
  5. You will need to head over to a link you receive via email and fill out your new billing details.

If you paid in advance for your mailboxes, the amount paid will be transferred over. Our client paid until November 2017 and will not need to fill out the billing details or make payment with Google until November.

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