5 Sure fire Tips to get more traffic in 2020 using SEO

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What have you been doing with you time lately? Browsing the web, baking up a batter, binging on Netflix, pumping out to exercise vids, head bopping to Spotify or just working from home? Whatever you’ve been up to chances are you’ve been on the web now-a-days more than before and even within the last 10 hours. The COVID19 pandemic has rendered many of us home bond in this slow down. As a result, there has been great increases in internet traffic. People are browsing the web to fill their newfound free time or to engage in some fun filled constructive activity like never before. This opens a unique opportunity for websites to direct, attract and retain traffic.

The question is, is your website design optimized to benefit from this massive new flow of traffic? Does your website adequately search engine optimized (SEO) in a way that’s up to date with current search preferences and metrics? And is it accessible to multiple streams of traffic? In this quick read article packed with top tips we take a dexterous deep dive into super charging SEO to maximize the 2020 web traffic boom.

SEO the way to go

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the use of key features, words and tags that best position a website to be discovered by search engines and their users. It’s the number one reason why a site pops up at the top of the list when someone does a search on Google. It’s also the number one lead generating source for traffic to websites.

There are trillions of web pages out there and hundreds added daily your website design should be competitive. Securing the top spots in web searches from search engines like Google and Bing is a must, if your site is to be popular, profitable and reach the people you want it to. Yet it’s a big bad battlefield competing with existing and up and coming sites.

Not everyone is going to be in the top 1 to 10 to spots on a search engine result. The great news is that with fresh and updated SEO from the tips here, you can nab the top spots, easily. Plus improve through credible site rankings that are sure to boost your rating against search engine metrics and promote your site and website designed content as favorable above others.

The Game Changed

I must point out that the SEO game has and is changing rapidly. With the addition of speech and image searches as well as improved artificial intelligence (AI) on the web, updating and having current SEO is paramount as an effective website design. Yes, Siri, Alexa, Cortana and ‘Ok Google are creating waves in how search is done. Let’s face it we don’t quite speak the same way we type. Special search tags can be typed but not spoken. Make no mistake image search is revolutionizing who get the top spots on Google. So, you best believe it, your existing SEO maybe out of date and quite frankly obsolete. If you haven’t yet added SEO to your websites and its pages, the time is now! And if your site isn’t flooded by traffic on the regular in these times you definitely need to do some urgent SEO my friend.

Top tips:

1)     Simple yet critical up-to-date Keywords

Use the words that people are actually searching for and not just the generic ones you came up with. You know your site and its content, but most others don’t, yet. What they know is what they want and so they have their own words that they will use when searching. Also, your target audience are using new features to search so those generic key words of yours are quite obsolete. Time to trade them in for updated versions.

Here’s how. Use the free features of Public.com, reddit or even exploding topics.com to get the popular and most frequently searched for searches and search phrases for your niche and target audience. You can use these results as long tail or short tail keywords, opportunity keywords and image tags for your site and its pages.

2)     Stick-em in the right place and right quantity

Sure, you may have some of these words already on your site in some way or in one and two places. But it’s much more rewarding to cluster them just right and in the right amounts. These are called Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords – I just sounded like a professor didn’t I. It turns out that when the keywords and keyword phrases are specially clustered in meaningful patterns and sentences, this greatly boosts search engine ratings and increase promotion to the top of search results. This is because people rarely use search engines to search for a mere site name or a one word anymore. They are typing sentences in search fields now-a-days. They are speaking sentences to Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Ok Google more than typing. So, get you LSI key words up and running

3)     Create epic content

This bit is a no brainer. Not just fun or catchy or attractive, no, EPIC! What do I mean? The stats show that people spend under 10 seconds on a site before they switch to another one or click on a link. That’s a roughly 10 second window to captivate and keep a viewer. Content therefore needs to be relevant, engaging, exciting, up front with the key words, fresh and up to date as well as hitting the senses. Video is trend right now and so quick loadable audio-video adds a spark to the magic. But did you know that stock images may be hurting your viewer retention rates?

4)     Unique images are where it’s at

A very recent study that compared the effects of stock images versus unique images on search results and viewer retention was very revealing. The study showed that unique images ranked higher in search results as they are not as popular and diluted across many other sites as stock images are. Unique images had varying background features that increased search results unlike edited and compressed stocked images. It showed that image searches on google were best satisfied by unique images over stock photos. So, by adding unique images you are getting a leg up on other websites, plus adding an attractive fresh bonus to the eyes of your viewers.

5)    Shore up backlinks

Backlinks are still great means of getting traffic. The click through rate or the frequency that people are clicking on links relate to the works or images they are anchored to. So again, keywords and unique images are great for internal links. But for external links whats best is to have connections across corelating sites. Getting backlinks can be hard and daunting. If you don’t have these tips that is. Tips like using google alerts to identify link opportunities; or using a free google chrome app to identify broken links on external site pages. Then offering those web site owners to amend those broken links to link to your pages. It’s a win-win, you are helping them out with their missing and broken links while you are getting back links from their sites. Using URL apps to create shorter links. Shorter links are known to be more attractive, less likely to be broken and easier fit into attractive content designs.

Direct traffic your way

These are a few sure shot quick tips to use SEO for getting a flood of meaningful traffic to your site right now while the whole world is online, most of the time.

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