Should your local Oshawa Business have a blog?

Should your local Oshawa Business have a blog?

In my experience, when most business owners think of a blog for their website they think of a small website that focuses on a niche or a hobby, with little or no business purpose behind it. A blog in 2019 can offer many benefits to your business and in this article we are going to outline the biggest benefits.

Blogs started originally as a collection or articles, or a weblog for an author to write about particular topic. WordPress itself started as a blog only platform and it wasn’t until several years later than a transition was made to a full content management system.

Having a blog on your website can offer several benefits:

  • Search Engine Optimization for keywords
  • Establishing your authority on subjects
  • Providing valuable content for links and social media.

Search Engine Optimization

As we have discussed in the past, Google loves fresh content and will index your website more frequently if they deem you a frequent content creator. When Google indexes your content, it works to create a new landing page for visitors while boosting your overall website rankings.

For example, we have written several blog articles relating to tips & tricks around using different hosting providers such as Transferring Godaddy Workspace Emails to Cpanel, and Moving your domains & email away from These articles on average bring us several hundred visitors per week searching for these terms or similar items.

As always, good content is important and your content needs to be unique and frequent. Write about something you know in your own words.

Establishing your authority on subjects

Creating new content not only provides Google more content, it provides your potential visitors with more information about your business. Studies show that potential clients are more likely to purchase a more expensive service if they trust the knowledge of the service provider.

By writing regular content regarding your field and publishing it on your website, you are showing your readers your confidence in the subject matter and your authority in your industry.

Providing Valuable Content

Having new content on your website not only provides more content for your visitors, it provides more content for your social media followers. A strong social media presence can be a huge factor for potential customers.

Rather than resharing other websites valuable articles having a blog of your own can funnel traffic from your social media platforms to your website, engaging your potential customers and creating a solid foundation for capturing future local business.

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