Our Website Design and Client Process

1. Free Consultation

First, we meet with you to determine your Website goals and aspirations. After the Consultation we will provide a no-obligation quote along with a working timeline.

2. Planning & Concept

At this stage, we dive deeper into your needs and goals. After our meeting we will provide you with details on how we plan to meet and exceed your goals.

Once you sign off on the concept ideas, we will start the main process of creating your new Website

3. Marketing & Content Creation

At this stage, our content writer will work with you to optimize your Website's content, and help you gather content.

During this stage, our programming team will then take your concepts and bring them to life.

4. Concepts

Next, you are provided with a stunning design concept that encapsulates your brand. This is the stage where we deconstruct the concept to make sure we have accomplished all your goals.

This process allows you to fully review the Website and provide valuable feedback. We believe allowing you to input your thoughts during the development process will help create a better final product.

5. Rough and Polish

At this point, we are done the concept stage. You will have a private working demo of the full Website. We run through the entire site for quality assurance, browser testing, and SEO performance.

If required we will also be testing your new Website for WCAG 2.0 Guidelines

6. Your new Website

After the final draft meeting we are ready to launch! We will set the final launch date and get your Website ready to be viewed by the World.

But don't worry, we will still be working together in the future. We keep contact with all our clients and offer outstanding support plans, backup plans and training to help you keep your Website fresh and new!

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