A Look at Mobile Devices in Durham Region

This past weekend was the annual Bowmanville’s Rockin’ Ribs & Brews in Bowmanville, Ontario. 368 Durham has worked with the Rotary Club of Bowmanville for the past 2 years, maintaining and updating the website before, during and after the event. We also provide real-time support during the event to keep everything operating smoothly.
During the height of the event, an estimated 20 – 150 people can be visiting the website at any time, every single minute. The average website audience for this event is several thousand per day. These users are browsing the event list, shuttle hours and various of pages of information. With large scale events like this, you will generally see more Mobile Devices using the website than the average website, so let’s look at some statistics for Mobile Devices in Durham Region.

During the event from Friday – Sunday, Mobile Devices accounted for approximately 82.22% of all traffic to the website, while desktops (including laptops) make up 12.63%.

When taking a look into more advanced statistics you can see the device breakdown.

  • Apple & iOS devices = 57.23%
  • Android Devices = 42.77

The final image above examines the browsers used on various devices. It’s interesting to note that not every iOS user prefers Safari and some are using Chrome & Firefox.
This information is a notable example of planning for your audience. Mobile browsers and devices can render and display a website vastly different depending some browser version, device age and browser. At 368 Durham, we have a handful of devices with various operating systems & browser versions to test your website. Our goal is to create a website that is user friendly for all your customers regardless of the technology they are using while being responsive to work on devices of all sizes.

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